IO1 : European perspectives on (assessment in) citizenship education

In this IO, we aim to provide some distinct deliverables: a publication on the definitions of the key concepts in the project (formative assessment, citizenship education …), an overview of learning goals for citizenship education, and a survey to identify the main challenges and needs for teachers when designing, implementing and evaluating citizenship education. Based on the insights gained from the IO1 survey, we will be able to identify key design principles needed for the development of IO234.

IO2 : Inventory of innovative educational practices in citizenship education

In this IO, we will provide a modus operandi for describing and sharing innovative educational practices of citizenship education, including the role evaluation plays within them, as well as illustrating how these examples are embedded within their local context. We will build a framework in order to define and describe good practices within the educational field. These innovative educational practices will be placed in an online open-access inventory.

IO3 : Repository of contextualized formative assessment methods in citizenship education

In IO3, we will select and describe assessment methods as they are used in other contexts than citizenship education and transform them into tools that can be used within citizenship education. We will start off by collecting generic examples of formative assessment methods for learning skills and illustrate how they can be used in the context of citizenship education. Each partner will then implement contextualized versions of these assessment methods in their network of schools. Participants will be trained to apply the assessment methods and provide feedback to students. Based on the experiences of the teachers and other stakeholders during these try outs, the assessment methods will be enriched and specified.

IO4 : Sustainability and viability

In this IO, we will focus on work that supports the sustainability and viability of the project results. We will make recommendations for local, national and European educational policies and practices. Also, we will create an online self-reflection tool that allows teachers to scan their own situation. The same tool will allow users of the online platform, to select the methods that are most suitable for them within their context. At the same time, this tool will stimulate and inspire users to experiment with novel assessment methods.

Training sessions

Next to the local training activities, tailored to their needs as described in result 3, there will be 2 international training sessions (all together).

Training session 1 - ALiCE Viability - From state of the art to viable action plans for schools

This training activity is the first module of a teacher professional development course that aims to build professional competences of teachers and/or school teams to implement formative assessment methods into their teaching practice, specifically focusing on citizenship education. Our aims are twofold (a) provide a common ground and shared understanding of the key concepts and goals of ALiCE for all teachers and their associated schools and (b) support teachers and their school teams to make a specific action plan focusing on the implementation of formative assessment methods in the context of citizenship education in their school.

Kroměříž, the Czech Republic, 29.-30.9.2022. Download the training session programme here.

Training session 2 - ALiCE Sustainability - From experimental action to sustainable implementation at schools.

The aim of the second training activity is twofold (a) achieving sustainable implementation within the participating schools and (b) building capacity for upscaling ALiCE beyond the participating schools. To that end, both training sessions will be integrated into the ALiCE learning platform and form one of the foundations for the Massive Open Online courses - MOOC (output 4).

Palermo, Italy 11-12th October 2023 Download the training session programme here.