Training session 2 Palermo

Workshop in Palermo

2023 m. spalio 11 ir 12 d., Palermas, Italija

The event followed on from last year's conference in Kroměříž and Sicily's Palermo created a wonderful opportunity to share experiences with teaching civic competences and with formative assessment in this subject. Primary and secondary school teachers from a total of nine European countries gathered together with researchers and organizations in the field of education and presented to each other the activities they had implemented with their pupils on the given topic in the past year.

Mokymų ištekliai:

Presentations plenary session

General overview of training and throwback to previous training (Ama Amitai, KdG)

Citizenship education: seeking the balance between content and practice (Niels Van Hoof, AG SO)

AI and assessment: How can AI support growth in education? (Niels Van Hoof, AG SO)

Assessment methods for learning in deprived urban areas (Ugo Giarratano, C.I.R.P.E.)

Resources prepared by teachers for workshops

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